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Mobisys 2023: International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services
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Helsinki, Finland
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ACM MobiSys 2023 seeks to present innovative and significant research on all aspects of mobile computing, applications, and services. The conference values technical contributions with working implementations and practical evaluations. We also welcome work that explores new and compelling mobile scenarios and applications as long as the work goes well beyond providing an initial vision.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Experience with mobile applications, networks, and systems
    Applications of mobile sensing and crowdsourcing
    Tools for building and measuring mobile systems
    Innovative wearable systems and applications
    Software architectures for mobile devices and mobile computing
    Data management for mobile applications
    Infrastructure support for mobile computing
    System-level energy management for mobile devices
    Operating systems for mobile devices
    Support for mobile social networking and the mobile web
    Security and privacy in mobile systems
    Resource-efficient machine learning and AI for mobile devices
    Systems for location and context sensing and awareness
    Mobile computing support for pervasive computing
    Vehicular and mobile robotic systems
    Systems and networking support for virtual or augmented reality
    Applications of mobile systems in healthcare and accessibility
    Applications in sustainability and smart cities
    IoT systems and applications with their implications for mobile computing
    Novel mobile applications using machine learning
    Techniques and systems for novel human-mobile interactions and experiences
    Nano satellites and mobile computing in outer space
    Non-traditional topics that bring new perspectives to mobile computing

Note: Selected outstanding papers may be fast-tracked as a special section of IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing.
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