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BDCAT 2022: IEEE/ACM International Conference on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies
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Portland, Oregon, USA
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The IEEE/ACM International Conference on Big Data Computing, Applications and Technologies (BDCAT) is an annual conference series aiming to provide a platform for researchers from both academia and industry to present new discoveries in the broad area of big data computing and applications. Previous events were held in Leicester, UK (BDCAT 2021), online (BDCAT 2020), Auckland, New Zealand (BDCAT 2019), Zurich, Switzerland (BDCAT 2018), Austin, Texas, USA (BDCAT 2017), Shanghai, China (BDCAT 2016), Limassol, Cyprus (BDCAT 2015) and London, UK (BDCAT 2014). BDCAT 2022 will be held in conjunction with the 15th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC 2022) in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts on a broad range of topics related to big data science, computing paradigms, platforms and applications. More information can be found at the conference’s website: 

Topics of interest include (but not limited to)

    Big Data Science
        Big Data Analytics
        Data Science Models and Approaches
        Algorithms for Big Data
        Big Data Search and Information Retrieval Techniques
        Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Approaches
        Machine Learning Techniques for Big Data
        Big Data Acquisition, Integration, Cleaning, and Best Practices
        Big Data and Deep Learning
    Big Data Infrastructures and Platforms
        Scalable Computing Models, Theories, and Algorithms
        In-Memory Systems and Platforms for Big Data Analytics
        Big Data and High Performance Computing
        Cyber-Infrastructure for Big Data
        Performance Evaluation Reports for Big Data Systems
        Storage Systems (including file systems, NoSQL, and RDBMS)
        Resource Management Approaches for Big Data Systems
        Data Analytics on Edge Devices
    Big Data Applications
        Big Data Applications for Internet of Things
        Mobile Applications of Big Data
        Big Data Applications for Cyber Physical Systems
        Healthcare Applications such as Genome Processing and Analytics
        Scientific Application Case Studies on Cloud Infrastructure
        Big Data in Social Networks
        Data Streaming Applications
    Big Data Trends and Challenges
        Fault Tolerance and Reliability
        Scalability of Big Data Systems
        Energy-Efficient Algorithms
        Big Data Privacy and Security
        Big Data Archival and Preservation
    Visualization of Big Data
        Visual Analytics Algorithms and Foundations
        Graph and Context Models for Visualization
        Analytics Reasoning and Sense-making on Big Data
        Visual Representation and Interaction
        Big Data Transformation, and Presentation
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