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MMMT 2021: International Conference on Machining, Materials and Mechanical Technologies
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2021-03-22 Extended
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Shanghai, China
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Call For Papers
---Welcome to MMMT2021----
2021 International Conference on Machining, Materials and Mechanical Technologies (MMMT2021) will take place in Shanghai, China during March 29-30, 2021. It will provide a platform for educators, scholars, managers and graduate students from different cultural backgrounds to present and discuss research, developments and innovations in their academic fields. Sincerely welcome prospective scholars to submit their novel research or technological contributions to MMMT2021 and share their valuable experiences with other scientists and students from all over the world.

---Paper Publication-----
Papers submitted to MMMT2021 will be reviewed by technical committees of the conference. All accepted and registered papers will be published in the Journal of Materials Science Forum [ISSN print 0255-5476, ISSN web 1662-9752]. And the press will submit all papers to major databases such as EI Compendex, Scopus, SCImago Journal & Country Rank (SJR), Inspec, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, ProQuest, EBSCO, WorldCat, Google Scholar, and CNKI Scholar and so on. We sincerely invite you to join MMMT2021, and welcome your submitting. For a few authors who don't expect any publication of your papers, you're welcome to submit the abstracts to us which will be sent to at least two technical committees for a brief review, and present your abstract at the conference without publishing.

----Paper Submission-------
Please send your Paper(s) to MMMT2021 via email: or, the email subject should be named "Submission+Name+Tel". 
Regular papers are allowed to 6 pages. Extra pages(exceed 6 pages) will incur additional charges. Notice: It is not compulsory for you to attend the conference, it does not affect your paper the publication and indexed.

----Call for Papers----
All submissions will be blind reviewed by the Technical Committees on the basis of technical quality, relevance to conference topics of interest, originality, significance, and clarity. By submitting your manuscript to the MMMT2021, it is understood that this it is an original manuscript and is unpublished work and is not under consideration elsewhere. Plagiarism, including duplicate publication of the author's own work, in whole or in part without proper citation is not tolerated by the conference.

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:
1: Materials Science and Engineering 	 	
• Computational materials science
• Engineering apllications of materials
• Global materials science market
• Graphene Technology
• Carbon nano structures and devices
• Coatings, surfaces snd membranes
• Biomimetic materials
• Fiber, films and membranes
• Polymeric biomaterials
• Applications of Materials Science
• Emerging Technologies in Materials Science
• Materials Synthesis
• Materials Processing
• Materials Characterization
• Industrial materials
• Materials Physics and Chemistry
• Materials and Design
• Novel Materials, Multifunctional Materials
• Quantum Materials
• Materials Innovation and Development
• Green Technology
• Optoelectric and Magnetic Materials
• 3D/4D Printing Technologies 	

2: Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

• Nano-Alloys
• Nano/Meso-Structured Carbon Materials
• Nanostructured Materials
• Nanofabrication
• Functional Nanomaterials
• Nanotechnology for Energy and the Environment
• Nanochemistry
• Green Nanotechnology
• Nano Engineering
• Nanomaterials, biomaterials & synthesis
• Carbon nanotechnology
• Nanochemistry & Wet Nanotechnology
• Nanotechnology in Structural Biology
• Biomaterials and Nano biotechnology
• Organic and Inorganic Nano materials
• Nano devices, Nano electronics and Nano sensors
• Synthesis of nanomaterials and properties
• Thin Films, nanotubes and nanowires
• Carbon nano structures and devices
• Nanoelectronics
• Nano and microfibrillated cellulose
• Micro, nano and bio fluidics 	

3: Energy Materials

• Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion.
• Electrochemical energy storage
• Energy Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
• Energy materials storage and fuel Cells
• Materials for hydrogen production
• Hybrid materials for energy storage and conversion
• Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV)
• Solar Energy Materials
• Solar Systems Integration
• Concentrating Solar Thermal for Electricity, Chemicals, and Fuels
• Photovoltaic Materials, Devices, Modules, and Systems
• Solar Thermal
• Fuel cells and Biofuels
• Photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis
• Batteries, Supercapacitors and Solid 
•Electrolyte Materials
• CO2 Capture, Storage & Conversion
• Bioenergy
• Geothermal Energy
• Renewable Fuels

4: Composite & Ceramic Materials 	

• Composite & Ceramic Materials: Synthesis and Characterization
• Composite & Ceramic Materials: Structure and Design
• Nano-Composites and Nano-Ceramics
• Ceramic-Matrix Composites
• Polymer Matrix Composites
• Composite & Ceramic Engineering
• Glass Engineering and Science
• Ceramic Coating
• Ceramic Cutting Tools
• Ceramic Films and Coatings
• Ceramic Lasers
• Nanoceramics
• Bioceramics
• Advanced Ceramics
• Brick and Structural Clay
• Refractories
• Ceramic art
• Clay Ceramics
• Structural Ceramics 	

5: Polymer Science and Technology 	

• Ring-opening metathesis polymerization
• Biocatalysis, enzyme synthesis, biological organisms for synthesizing monomers and polymers
• Plastics and the Environment
• Biopolymers
• Electrospinning of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymeric Materials
• Lasers in Polymer Science and Technology
• Polymer Matrix Composites and Technology
• Metal Matrix Composites and Technology
• Ceramics Matrix Composites and Technology
• Polymer Chemistry
• Polymer Design and Modelling
• Polymer Nanocomposites
• Advanced Polymer Structures
• Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Polymer
• Polymer Rheology
• Bio-Polymers
• Applications of Polymers
• Recent innovations in Polymer Science and Technologies
• Polymer Industry 	

6: Composite Materials 

• Advanced Composite Materials
• Automotive Composites
• Polymer Composites
• Ceramic Based Composites
• Nanocomposites
• Biocomposites
• Metal matrix Composites
• Polymer matrix Composites
• Ceramic matrix Composites
• Biomedical Composites
• Carbon Matrix Composites
• Multi-functional Composites
• Nanotechnology Composites
• Textile Composites
• Green Composites
• Mechanical Properties
• Composites Manufacturing
• Applications of Composites

7: Surface Science And Engineering 	

• Thin Films, Materials Surface & Interfaces
• Surface and Interface Phenomena
• Surface and Interface Analysis and Properties
• Nanostructured Materials, Micelles, and Colloids
• Solid Thin Films and Layers
• Thin Film Growth & Epitaxy
• Surface Coating Technology
• Corrosion Engineering
• Tribology
• Surface characterization
• Interfaces and thin films
• Nanostructured materials
• Smart applications of surfaces and interfaces
• Applied Surface Science
• Surfaces and Interfaces
• Coatings and surface treatments

8: Smart Materials And Applications 	

• Renewable smart materials
• Smart materials and structures
• Graphene-based smart materials
• Smart Functional Nanoenergetic Materials
• Smart building materials and structures
• Smart biomaterials
• Smart Materials and Structures
• Advances in Smart Materials and Applications
• Magnetic smart materials
• Piezoelectrics: Piezoelectric materials convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, and vice versa.
• Shape Memory Alloys
• Magnetostrictive
• Shape Memory Polymers
• Electroactive Polymers
• Bi-Component Fiber
• Semiconductor Photocatalysis 	

9: Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology 

• Advanced Engineering Materials
• Advanced Functional Materials
• Advanced Energy Materials
• Advanced Healthcare Materials
• Advanced Optical Materials
• Advanced Materials Interfaces
• Advanced Electronic Materials
• Advanced Materials Technologies

Track 10: Mechanical Engineering

•Precision mechanics, mechatronics
• Mechanical Manufacturing and automation 
• Mechanics of Applied-Statics and Dynamics 
• Mechanics of Solid 
• Mechanical-electronic engineering 
• Mechanical power engineering 
• Mechanical Technologies  
• Dynamics of Mechanical Systems  
• Material shaping and controlling engineering
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