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ASTEE 2019: International Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology and Ecological Engineering
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2019-09-16 Extended
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Dalian, China
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Call For Papers
2019 International Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology and Ecological Engineering(ASTEE 2019)aim to present the latest research and results of scientists related to agricultural science and technology and ecological engineering topics. This conference provides opportunities for the different areas delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. 

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

A. 农业科学 Agricultural Science

1)农学 Agronomy
a.农业气象与气候 Agrometeorology and Climate
b.农业生物物理 Agricultural Biophysics
c.农业生物化学 Agricultural biochemistry
d.农业生态 Agroecology
e.农业植物学 Agrobotany
f.植物营养学 Plant Nutrition
g.农业微生物 Agricultural microorganisms
h.作物形态 Crop morphology
i.作物生理 Crop Physiology
j.作物遗传 Crop genetics
k.作物生态 Crop ecology

2)种子学 Seed Science
a.种子科技与工程 Seed Science and Technology and Engineering
b.作物育种与繁育 Crop Breeding and Breeding
c.作物栽培与耕作 Crop cultivation and tillage

3)园艺学 Horticulture
a.果树学 Fruit Science
b.瓜果学 Melon and Fruit Science
c.蔬菜学 Vegetable Science
d.果蔬贮藏与加工 Storage and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
e.茶学(包括茶加工等)Tea Science (including Tea Processing, etc.)
f.观赏园艺学 Ornamental Horticulture
g.园林植物 Landscape Plants
h.风景园林工程 Landscape Architecture Engineering

4)土壤学 Soil Science
a.土壤物理 Soil physics
b.土壤化学 Soil chemistry
c.土壤地理 Soil geography
d.土壤生物 Soil organisms
e.土壤生态 Soil ecology
f.土壤耕作 Soil tillage
g.土壤改良 Soil Improvement
h.土壤肥料 Soil fertilizer
i.土壤分类 Soil classification
j.土壤调查与监测 Soil Survey and Monitoring

5)植物保护 Plant protection
a.植物科学与技术 Plant Science and Technology
b.植物检疫与免疫 Plant quarantine and immunization
c.植物病理与药理 Plant Pathology and Pharmacology
d.农业昆虫研究 Research on Agricultural Insects
e.植物病毒 Plant viruses
f.农药学 Agricultural pharmacy
g.植物病虫害测报 Forecast of plant diseases and insect pests
h.抗病虫害育种 Breeding of Disease and Pest Resistance
i.有害生物化学/生物/综合防治 Pest Chemistry/Biology/Integrated Control
j.杂草防治 weed control
k.鸟兽、鼠害防治 Control of Birds, Animals and Rats

6)林学 Forestry
a.森林气象/地理/水文/土壤/生理/生态/植物 Forest meteorological / hydrological / geography / soil / plant / ecological / physiology
b.林木遗传与育种 Heredity and Breeding of Forest Trees
c.森林培养/造林 Forest culture/afforestation
d.森林测计与测量 Forest measurement and measurement
e.林业遥感 Forestry remote sensing
f.林业信息管理 Forestry Information Management
g.林业系统工程 Forestry System Engineering
h.森林保护(包括病理、昆虫、防火)Forest protection (including pathology, insects, fire prevention)
i.防护林与经济林 Shelterbelt and Economic Forest
j.森林资源保护 Protection of forest resources
k.野生植物资源开发与利用 Exploitation and Utilization of Wild Plant Resources
l.野生动植物与自然保护 Wildlife and Nature Conservation

7)畜牧学 Animal husbandry
a.家畜生物化学 Livestock biochemistry
b.家畜生理学 Livestock Physiology
c.家畜遗传性 Heritability of livestock
d.家畜生态学 Livestock ecology
e.家畜微生物学 Livestock Microbiology
f.家畜育种与繁殖 Livestock breeding and reproduction
g.动物营养学 Animal Nutrition
h.饲料学 Feed Science
i.家畜行为与卫生 Livestock Behavior and Health

j.草原学(包括牧草学、牧草育种学、牧草栽培学、草地生态学、草地保护学等) Grassland Science (including Herbagology, Herbage Breeding, Herbage Cultivation, Grassland Ecology, Grassland Conservation, etc.)
k.畜产品贮藏与加工 Storage and processing of livestock products
l.畜牧机械化 Mechanization of animal husbandry
m.蜂学与蚕学 Apiology and Silkworm Science

8)兽医科学 Veterinary Science
a.家畜解刨 Unscrambling of livestock
b.家畜组织胚胎 Livestock tissue embryos
c.兽医免疫与病理 Veterinary Immunity and Pathology
d.兽医药理与临床 veterinary pharmacology and clinic
e.兽医卫生检疫 Veterinary Health and Quarantine
f.家畜传染与病毒学 Livestock Infections and Virology
g.兽医器械 Veterinary Instruments

9)水产学 Fisheries Science
a.水产化学/地理/生物/生态 Aquatic Chemistry/Geography/Biology/Ecology
b.水产增殖与养殖 Aquatic multiplication and aquaculture
c.水产动物营养与饲料研究 Study on Nutrition and Feed of Aquatic Animals
d.捕捞学 Fishing Science

B.农业技术 Agricultural Technology

1)农业工程 Agricultural Engineering
a.设施农业科学与工程 Facilities Agricultural Science and Engineering
b.农业机械学(包括农业机械化、农业机械制造等)Agricultural mechanics (including agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery manufacturing, etc.)
c.农业电气化与自动化 Agricultural electrification and automation
d.农业信息感知与传输 Perception and transmission of agricultural information
e.农业机械与装备的智能检测与控制系统 Intelligent Detection and Control System of Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
f.农业信息管理系统 Agricultural Information Management System
g.农业水利(包括灌溉工程、排水工程等)Agricultural Water Conservancy (including Irrigation, Drainage, etc.)
h.农业生物环境与能源工程 Agricultural Bioenvironment and Energy Engineering
i.农田测量与区划 Farmland Survey and Zoning
j.农业环保工程 Agricultural Environmental Protection Project
k.农业系统工程 Agricultural Systems Engineering
l.农产品贮藏与加工 Storage and Processing of Agricultural Products
m.农产品加工及包装工程 Processing and Packaging of Agricultural Products
n.农产品采后生理与贮运工程 Postharvest Physiology and Storage and Transportation Engineering of Agricultural Products
o.杂交水稻 Hybrid rice
p.转基因农业研究 Research on Genetically Modified Agriculture
q.作物栽培与耕作 Crop cultivation and tillage

2)水产工程 Aquatic Engineering
a.水产保护 Aquatic products protection
b.水产品贮藏与加工 Storage and processing of aquatic products
c.水产资源 Aquatic resources
d.渔业资源 Fishery resources
e.水产病害防控与病害养殖研究 Aquatic Disease Control and Disease Aquaculture
f.水产生物育种与种业研究 Breeding of aquatic products and Research on Seed Industry
g.渔业工程化技术与新生产模式 Fisheries Engineering Technology and New Production Model

3)植物营养 Plant Nutrition
a.施肥与环境质量 Fertilization and environmental quality
b.现代施肥技术 Modern fertilization techniques
c.肥料的研制与应用 Development and application of fertilizers
d.植物营养遗传 Plant nutritional inheritance

4)海洋环境工程 Marine Environmental Engineering
a.海洋生物资源加工利用 Processing and utilization of marine living resources

5)农业工程与信息技术 Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology
a.3S技术及应用 3S Technology and Its Application
b.资源遥感与信息技术 Resource remote sensing and information technology
c.农学与生物技术 Agronomy and Biotechnology
d.农业航空工程与技术 Agricultural Aviation Engineering and Technology
e.农业信息化工程 Agricultural Information Engineering
f.计算机视觉技术 Computer Vision Technology
g.软件工程 Software Engineering
h.智能信息处理 Intelligent Information Processing
i.生物信息学 Bioinformatics
j.测绘与遥感 Surveying and Remote Sensing

6)资源环境信息工程 Resource and Environment Information Engineering
a.环境科学与工程 Environmental Science and Engineering
b.地理信息科学 Geographic Information Science
c.环境生态工程 Environmental Eco-engineering

7)食品科学与工程 Food Science and Engineering
a.食品加工和保藏 ( 包装 ) 原理与技术 Principle and technology of food processing and preservation (packaging)
b.食品质量与安全 Food quality and safety
c.食品生物技术与工程 Food biotechnology and Engineering
d.食品化学与营养 Food Chemistry and Nutrition 

8)农业化学工程 Agrochemical Engineering
a.生物化工 Biochemical Industry
b.应用化学 Applied Chemistry
c.工业催化 Industrial catalysis
d.木材科学与技术 Wood Science and Technology
e.农业生物环境与能源工程 Agricultural Bioenvironment and Energy Engineering
f.生物资源化学与利用 Bioresources Chemistry and Utilization

C.生态工程 Ecological Engineering

1)微生物农业生态工程 Microbial Agroecological Engineering
a.微生物功能基因组学 Microbial functional genomics
b.微生物基因工程 Microbial genetic engineering
c.微生物资源开发与利用 Exploitation and utilization of microbial resources
d.真菌学 mycology
e.微生物与免疫学 Microbiology and Immunology
f.微生物功能蛋白研究利用 Research and Utilization of Microbial Functional Proteins
g.环境微生物群落结构分析 Structural analysis of environmental microbial community

2)动植物农业生态工程 Agroecological Engineering of Animals and Plants

3)环境科学与环境工程 Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering
a.水污染与控制 Water pollution and control
b.大气污染与控制 Air pollution and control
c.固体废物处理处置 Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal
d.环境土壤学 Environmental Soil Science
e.环境监测 Environmental monitoring
f.环境规划与评价 Environmental Planning and Evaluation
g.清洁生产与循环经济 Cleaner Production and Circular Economy
h.固体废弃物处理与资源化 Solid Waste Treatment and Resource Utilization
i.水体污染与控制 Water pollution and control
j.有机污染修复 Rehabilitation of Organic Pollution
k.大气污染控制 Air pollution control
l.城市黑臭河道原位治理 In-situ treatment of urban black and Odorous River
m.废物资源化利用 Waste Resource Utilization
n.人工湿地污水处理技术 Wastewater Treatment Technology of Constructed Wetlands

4)农业资源与环境工程 Agricultural Resources and Environmental Engineering
a.农业环境学 Agricultural Environmentology
b.农业资源利用 Utilization of Agricultural Resources
c.环境质量与监测 Environmental quality and monitoring
d.土地资源调查与利用 Investigation and utilization of land resources
e.土地利用规划与工程 Land use planning and Engineering
f.土地信息系统 Land Information System
g.土地测量与估价 Land survey and valuation

5)土壤生态工程 Soil Ecological Engineering
a.土壤退化与生态重建 Soil degradation and ecological reconstruction
b.土壤重金属污染与修复 Contamination and remediation of heavy metals in soil
c.土壤有机污染物迁移转化规律 Transport and transformation of soil organic pollutants
d.土壤肥力与环境 Soil fertility and environment
e.土壤污染、侵蚀与防治 Soil Pollution, Erosion and Prevention
f.水土保持与荒漠化防治 Soil and water conservation and desertification control
g.沙漠治理 Desert control
h.湿地保护 Wetland protection
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