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ISRCS 2015: International Symposium on Resilient Cyber Systems
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2015-04-27 Extended
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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The overwhelming majority of engineered systems in use today are highly dependent on computation and communication resources. This includes system at all levels, ranging for example, from our vehicles, to large-scale industrial systems and national critical infrastructures. The resilience of the underlying computational systems and infrastructures underlying these technologies is of great importance for mission continuity and success. Resilience, in this context, is understood as the ability of a system to anticipate, withstand, recover and evolve from external attacks or failures. In this symposium we will focus on the topic of resilience of cyber systems. Among others, the concepts of cyber awareness, anticipation, avoidance, protection, detection, and response to cyber attacks will be promoted and will help set the tone of the event. A better understanding and development of these concepts ad its supporting technologies will help provide some of the key underlying capabilities for the design and development of resilient cyber systems.

Topical Areas (including, but not limited to)

    Resilient Cyber Frameworks and Architectures: multi-agent systems for monitoring and control, supervisory control and data acquisition, distributed sensemaking and coordination
    Moving Target Defense: Moving target defense technologies, evaluation metrics, visualization and command and control capabilities
    Human Machine Interaction and Cyber Visualization: cognitive modeling, applied machine learning, visualization concepts and technologies
    Human Systems Design: environmental configuration, tailored presentation
    Sensor Architectures: embedded modeling and analysis, intelligence and agents, wireless control and determinism, multi-parameter integration and diversity
    Human and Systems Behavior: behavior modeling, attacker co-evolution, deception
    Data Fusion: data reduction, security characterization, data diversity, anomaly detection
    Computational Intelligence: machine learning, neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, Bayesian belief networks
    Resilient Cyber-physical power and energy systems: real-time communication, protection, control, resilience, reliability, sustainability, efficiency
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