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International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Networking (IJWAMN)
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The International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Networking (IJWAMN) is an open access peer-reviewed international research journal. It publishes top-level work from all areas of wireless and Mobile networking. It aims to provide an international forum for researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners on all topics related to wireless mobile networks. Original research papers, state-of-the-art reviews, and high quality technical notes are invited for publications.

IJWAMN focusing on (but not limited to) the following topics:

Wireless sensor networks
Wireless mesh networks
Wireless ad-hoc networks
Wireless and Mobile network systems
Wireless LANs, WiMax, mobile networks
Wireless mobile network architecture and protocols
Wireless mobile network security issues, Model and threats
Technologies in wireless mobile network
Wireless and mobile network algorithms and Complication analysis
Wireless multimedia networking
Multicasting and broadcasting issues
Bluetooth and Android Smartphone application
Broadband networks
Wireless Internet Technologies
Satellite Technologies
Mobile and wireless network secure applications
Data management on mobile and wireless computing
Distributed algorithms of mobile computing
Emerging standards and technologies in wireless mobile network
Energy efficient networks
Embedded systems
Combination of wired and wireless networks
Information and data Management on wireless and mobile computing
Mobile ad hoc network
Mobile Internet and mobility management
Parallel, distributed and Grid computing
Authentication and Access control in wireless mobile network
Mobile computing systems and services
Mobile Phone Operating Systems
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