Conference Information
SAM' 2023: International Conference on Security and Management
Submission Date:
2023-05-24 Extended
Notification Date:
Conference Date:
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Call For Papers
You are invited to submit a full paper for consideration. All accepted papers will appear in the SAM'23 conference proceedings published by IEEE CPS (in printed book form; later, the proceedings will also be accessible online). Papers should demonstrate significant contribution to the construction, evaluation, application, or operation of secure systems. Those interested in proposing workshops/sessions, should refer to the "Call for Sessions/Workshops" section.

Accepted papers must be uploaded to the site that will be provided in the paper acceptance email. One of the authors must present the paper. There are three options for paper presentation. Please click on Presentation Modes.

Topics of interest are listed below. Other topics not listed will also be considered.

Network Security 

    Security Algorithms
    Mobile Network Security
    Security in CDN (Contents Distribution Networks)
    Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    Tracing Techniques in Internet
    Active Networks
    Security in Grid
    Web Monitoring
    Control Systems/SCADA Security
    Network Security Engineering
    Transport-Level Security
    Wireless Network Security
    IP Security
    Electronic Mail security

Cryptographic Technologies

    Security Protocols
    Key Management Techniques
    Cryptographic Technologies
    Applications of Block and Stream Ciphers
    Applications of Public Key Cryptology
    Message Authentication and Hash Functions
    Digital Signature Schemes
    Secret Sharing

Security Management 

    Surveillance Technologies
    Security Policies
    Security for Protocol Management
    Location Management
    QoS Management
    Resource Management
    Channel Management
    Mobility Management
    Digital Contents Copyright Protection
    System Security Management
    Network Security Management
    Management in Network Equipment
    Storage Area Networks (SAN) Management
    Information Security Management
    Government Security Policy
    Web Penetration Testing
    Security Operations
    Vulnerabilities Management
    Change and Patch Management

Security Applications 

    Security in E-Commerce and M-Commerce
    Secure OS
    High-Tech Systems at Airports
    Emerging Technologies and Applications
    Cloud Computing Security
    Database Security
    Data Mining Security
    Cyber Security Automation

Biometrics and Forensics 

    Novel Biometric Methods
    Biological Security Technologies
    Face Recognition Systems
    Signature Recognition Systems
    Cyber Forensics
    Forensic Analysis
    Biometric Technologies for Security
    Feature Extraction and Matching Algorithms

Hardware Security 

    Security in E-Commerce and M-Commerce
    Embedded Systems Security
    Cryptographic Processors and Co-Processors
    Security Architectures
    True and Pseudorandom Number Generators
    Side Channel Attacks
    Fault Attacks
    Hardware Tamper Resistance
    Smart Card Processors
    Secure Storage Devices

Information Assurance 

    Mission Assurance
    Risk Assessment and Risk Management
    Continuity of Operations and Business Impact Analysis
    Cyber Security Compliance
    Security Auditing
    Security-Savvy Software Development
    Disaster Recovery
    Business Continuity Analysis
    Access Control
    Secure Use of Software
    Secure Performance

Computer Security 

    Firewall Systems
    Hacking Techniques and Related Issues
    Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
    Virus Issues (Detection, Prevention ...)
    Trusted Computing
    Alert Correlation
    Attack Graphs
    Incident Responding
    Malware Analysis
    Incident Responding
    Malware Analysis
    Intrusion Detection

Security Education 

    Computer Security Education
    Network Security Education
    Cyber Security Education
    Cyber Security Body of Knowledge
    Information Assurance Education
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