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ICCGIV 2022: International Conference on Computer Graphics, Image and Virtualization
Submission Date:
2022-09-18 Extended
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Conference Date:
Chongqing, China
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Call For Papers
2022 2nd International Conference on Computer Graphics, Image and Virtualization(ICCGIV 2022)will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

Computer Graphics

Basic theory and algorithms of graphics
Realistic graphics
Geometric Modeling and Processing
Computer animation and games
Non-realistic graphics
Graphics technology based on image and video
Computer-aided geometric design
Computer-aided design
Virtual Reality Technology and Applications
Mixed Reality Technology and Applications
Scientific computing visualization
Image Video Processing and
Digital Media Technology
Computer Simulation
Human-Computer Interaction Technology
Engineering Graphics and Applications
Three-dimensional vision
Graphical User Interface
Image Processing

Image Processing
Discrete Cosine Transforms
Discrete Hilbert Transforms
Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing
Image segmentation
Pattern recognition and analysis
Spectral Analysis
Wavelet Transforms
Coding and Transmission
Color and texture
Object and Scene Recognition
Face recognition
face detection
gesture recognition
Image feature extraction
Digital Signal Processing
Medical image processing
Radar Image Processing
Sonar Image Processing
Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Imagel Processing Applications
Image generation
Image acquisition
Image processing
Image-based modeling
Immersive virtual reality
Integration of virtual reality
Interactive digital media
Knowledge-based recognition
Audio processing
Video processing

Performance measurement, modeling and monitoring of virtual / cloud workloads
Adapt to the emerging high performance computing technology
Programming model of virtual environment
Compliance in the new era of virtualization and ensuring the benefits of virtualization 2.0
The impact of it virtualization on applications and networks
Dynamic computing power integration
Troubleshooting virtual infrastructure
Energy optimization and energy saving of green data center
Virtual per job / on demand clustering and cloud burst
Virtualization Platform
Enable disaster recovery for enterprises of any size
Business value of cloud computing and virtualization
Heterogeneous virtualization environment, virtualization accelerator, GPU and coprocessor
Topology management and optimization of distributed virtualization applications
Job scheduling / control / policy in virtual environment
Virtual desktop delivery
Lightweight computing node operating system / VMM
Virtualization in data intensive computing and big data processing
Open virtualization format
Virtualization management
Virtualization choreography across data centers
Virtual perception network
Control the spread of virtual server
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