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ICCV' 2020: International Conference on Computational Vision
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Venice, Italy
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Solicitud de Artículos
Computational vision
Computer vision
Pattern recognition
Sensors and early vision
Color and texture
Segmentation and grouping
Motion and tracking
Stereo and structure from motion
Image-based modeling
Illumination and reflectance modeling
Shape representation
Object recognition
Video analysis and event recognition
Face and gesture
Statistical methods and learning
Performance evaluation
Medical image analysis
Image and video retrieval

Computer vision and image analysis
Active vision
Early vision
Feature extraction
Motion analysis
Recognition (2D and 3D)
Texture and color
Scene understanding
Shape from x
Visual navigation

Pattern recognition and basic technologies
Statistical pattern recognition
Structural and syntactic pattern recognition
Neural networks
Machine learning and data mining
Artificial intelligence and symbolic learning
Classification and clustering
Feature selection, dimensionality reduction, manifold learning
Kernel methods and support vector machines
Invariance in recognition
Multiresolution techniques
OCR, document analysis and understanding
Information retrieval

Signal, speech and image processing
Enhancement and restoration
Image and data representation
Image registration
Mathematical morphology
Signal coding and compression
Signal segmentation
Speech processing and understanding

Systems, robotics and applications
Automation and robotics
Biomedical imaging
Human-robot interaction
Image database systems
Mobile robots
Multiprocessor systems
Parallel algorithms and languages
Range imaging
Real time systems
Remote sensing applications
Smart sensors
Visual inspection
VLSI architectures 
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