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IFID 2020: International Forum on Industrial Design
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Luoyang, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
Topics: The IFID2020 is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest (not limited to)

1. Research on industrial design history

2. Discussion on the theory of design innovation

Discussion on Design Education in the New Era
Design strategy, planning and management research

3. Research on innovative design methods

Intelligent design research
Basic research in design aesthetics
User Experience Testing and Evaluation Research

4. Personalized, stylized, and characteristic re-creation of industrial design

Digital design
Practical research on design visualization technology
Research on Cloud Platform Service for Design Industry Chain
Research on Cultural and Creative Product Design from the Perspective of Internationalization

5. Human-machine system research

Ergonomics application research
Ergonomic innovation experimental method
Experimental Research on Human-Computer Interaction of Intelligent Products

6. Other related topics

1. 工业设计历史研究
2. 设计创新理论探讨
3. 新时代下的设计教育探讨
4. 设计策略、规划与管理研究
5. 创新设计方法研究
6. 智能设计研究
7. 设计美学的基础研究
8. 用户体验测试与评价研究
9. 工业设计的个性化、风格化、特色化再创造
10. 数字化设计
11. 设计可视化技术的实践研究
12. 面向设计产业链的云平台服务研究
13. 国际化视角下的文化创意产品设计研究
14. 人机系统研究
15. 人机工程应用研究
16. 人机工程创新实验方法
17. 智能产品人机交互实验研究
18. 其他相关主题
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