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Microelectronic Engineering is the premier nano-processing, and nanotechnology journal focusing on fabrication of electronic, bioelectronic, electromechanic and fluidic devices and systems, and their applications in the broad areas of electronics, energy, life sciences, and environment. It covers also the expanding interdisciplinary field of "more than Moore" and "beyond Moore" integrated nanoelectronics and micro-nano systems. Through its unique mixture of peer-reviewed articles, reviews, accelerated publications, short and Technical notes, and the latest research news on key developments, Microelectronic Engineering provides comprehensive coverage of this exciting, interdisciplinary and dynamic new field for researchers in academia and professionals in industry.

The journal addresses the following topics:
a)Micro and Nano fabrication, Processing for Nanoelectronics (Lithography, Self-assembly, Plasma Processing, Metallization, 3D Integration, Related Materials)
b)Nanoelectronic, Photonic, Nanoenergy Devices and Systems (fabrication, application and related materials)
c)Micro - Nano Systems, Devices and Systems for Life Sciences, and Environment (Micro/Nano fluidics, MEMS/NEMS, BioMEMS, Lab on a chip)

In detail the topics covered are as follows:
1. Nanolithography and Nanopatterning
•optical lithography
•EUV lithography and masks
•charged particle based lithography and patterning
•nanoimprint lithography techniques and templates
•maskless lithography
•emerging nanopatterning methods
•limits of nanolithography and nanopatterning

2. Pattern Transfer
•ion technology
•plasma processing: etching, nanotexturing, bonding

3. Materials
•metallization and barrier materials
•silicon on insulators
•dielectrics (low K and high K)
•new resist materials
•nanomaterials for device fabrication
•block copolymers
•polymers and flexible substrates

4. Nanometrology, Inspection and Testing
•electron beam testers
•laser probes
•signal and image processing
•AFM, Scanning probe measurements

5. Advanced Processing and Nanofabrication
•process integration
•three dimensional integration
•rapid thermal processing
•process modelling and simulation
•equipment modelling
•laser assisted processing
•top-down / bottom-up (self - assembly) nanofabrication

6. Advanced Devices
•nanometer devices for electronics and optoelectronics
•dimension-sensitive device properties
•advanced MOS devices
•vacuum nanoelectronics
•organic and molecular electronics
•mesoscopic devices
•micro- & nanofluidics
•other miniaturized devices for biology, chemistry, medicine

7. Advanced fabrication and characterization for heterogeneous micro- and nanosystems
•electro-mechanical systems (MEMS, NEMS)
•optical systems
•fluidic systems

Manuscripts of 5 (five) types are considered:
• Review Articles that inform readers of the latest research and advances in nanoelectronics, nanofabrication, micro-nano systems, and applications,
• Accelerated Publications (Letters) that feature exciting research breakthroughs in the field,
• Regular original research papers
• Short / Technical notes intended for original limited investigations or short description of original industrial or industrially-related research and development work
• News and Opinions that comment on topical issues or express views on the developments in related fields, or comment on previously published work.
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