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ARK 2018: International Symposium on Advances in Robot Kinematics
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Bologna, Italy
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ARK 2018, the 16th International Symposium on Advances in Robot Kinematics is organized by the Group of Robotics, Automation and Biomechanics (GRAB) at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Bologna, Italy.

ARK are international symposia of the highest level organized every two years since 1988. They provide a forum for researchers working in robot kinematics and stimulate new directions of research by forging links between robot kinematics and other areas. 

The main topics of the symposium are:

    Kinematic analysis of robots
    Robot modeling and simulation
    Kinematic design of robots
    Kinematics in robot control 
    Theories and methods in kinematics 
    Singularity analysis
    Kinematic problems in parallel robots, redundant robots, cable robots, overconstrained linkages
    Kinematics in biological systems, humanoid robots and humanoid subsystems
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