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APCOM 2017: International Symposium on the Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Minerals Industries
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Golden, Colorado, USA
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Call For Papers
The 38th International Symposium on the APPLICATION OF COMPUTERS AND OPERATIONS RESEARCH IN THE MINERAL INDUSTRY (APCOM 2017) is taking place August 9 through 11, 2017 at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado USA.

Colorado School of Mines and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc. (SME), announce with pleasure the 38th International Symposium on Application of Computers and Operations Research in the Mineral Industry (APCOM 2017) to be held in Golden, Colorado USA, from August 9 through 11, 2017. The focus of the 38th APCOM is to further the APCOM goal of contributing to effective decision-making processes throughout the entire mineral industry. The technical program of this symposium would be a balanced of traditional areas of exploration, including geostatistics, mine design, production planning, investment analysis, artificial intelligence simulation, mine automation, rock mechanics, mineral processing, and data management systems. All are designed to facilitate and promote application of computers and operations research in the mineral industry.

Only papers prepared for oral presentation will be accepted; the Symposium will host no poster presentations. An abstract of each paper must be submitted for review and acceptance. Upon acceptance of an abstract, full manuscripts will be due in accordance with the schedule presented above. Upon review, a final manuscript may be determined to require additional editing for final publication; therefore, a final "camera ready" submittal may be required. Papers are not required to relate to any particular topic.


Abstracts shall be submitted as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) computer files. An abstract shall not exceed 200 words in length. No particular structure or appearance of the abstract is required.

Full Manuscripts

Full manuscripts shall be submitted as Portable Document Format (PDF) computer files. The manuscript within the file shall be "camera-ready"; that is, it shall be complete, properly formatted, and ready in all respects to be directly included in the collected Symposium proceedings. Each full manuscript shall be constructed in strict accordance with a defined template that is available for download from the Symposium website. Additional documents are also available for download: 1) an example of a properly formatted draft/final submittal as a Microsoft Word document (.doc), which can also be opened in Open Office Writer; and 2) an author's guide that provides information that may be useful in preparing the manuscript.

The following links can be used to download the available documents:



Author's guide:

In the event of conflict between the guide and the document template, the requirements of the template shall govern.

Full manuscripts shall not exceed 8 pages in length.

Submittal of documents

All abstracts and final manuscripts shall be submitted to the Symposium staff through a web-based Document Management System (DMS) whose address is:

Persons wanting to submit documents for the Symposium should visit the website listed above and create an account. Those who created an account for use in submitting an abstract should use their existing credentials to access the DMS for subsequent submittals. Do not create more than one account on the DMS; you must use the same DMS account for all submittals.

While it is not required that the person submitting documents is an author of a paper, all communication from the Symposium staff concerning a paper will be directed to the person who submits the documents (the account holder).

For questions about paper submission or for help with the Document Management System, please contact the Symposium staff using the contact information available here.

Attendance of Symposium

At least one author of each accepted paper shall register for and attend the Symposium and shall present the paper at the Symposium in accordance with the applicable presentation schedule.
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