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EETA 2017: International Conference on Electrical and Electronics: Techniques and Applications
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2017-01-05 Extended
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Beijing, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
Power Generation, Transmission and Substation:
Generation Systems
Forecasting and Management
Transmission and Transmission Voltage
Distribution System Planning and Reliability
Distributed and Co-Generation Systems
AC Transmission Systems
Maintenance and Operation
Renewable Energy Sources
Wind Energy Systems
Solar Energy Systems,
Hybrid Power Systems
Hydro Power Plants
Hydrogen Systems and Fuel Cell
Power Market and Power System Economics
Energy Management and Environmental issues
Power Electronics
Power Delivery
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Smart Grid

Electrical Machines and Adjustable Speed Drives
AC and DC Machines and Drives
Reluctance machines and drives
Permanent magnet machines and drives
Linear machines and drives
Sensorless control
Piezo and electrostatic actuators
Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis
Electrical Vehicles
EMC related phenomena
Electrical Machines
Control Theory and Applications
Visual Control
Machine Learning
Intelligent Systems and Approach
Motor drives and motion control
Analysis and design of electrical machines

Application of Electrical Engineering
Application Strategy of Automation Technology
Virtual Instrument Technology
Power Electronics
Industrial Control
Detection Technology
Electrical Drive
Traffic Electrical

Other topics involve in the technology and application of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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