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INTETAIN 2020: International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment
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Santa Clara, California, USA
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This year’s edition of EAI INTETAIN 2020 put emphasis on the future of Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment. The conference seeks novel, innovative, and exciting work in areas including in art, science, design and engineering regarding computer-based systems (models, software, algorithms, and tools) or devices (digital cameras, smartphones, etc.) that provide intelligent human interaction or entertainment experience.


We seek novel, innovative, and exciting work in areas including but not limited to:

    Big Ideas and Ethics:
        Ethical issues of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
        Ethical issues of Intelligent Systems (IS)
        Ethical issues of Internet of Things (IoT)
        Ethical issues of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
        Existential Threats of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
        Future of Reality
        Futuristic Technology
        Human Computer Interaction (HCI) of the Future
        Physics of the Future
    Industry and Government:
        Legal and regulatory issues of Artificial Intelligence
        Legal and regulatory issues of Intelligent Systems
        Legal and regulatory issues of Internet of Things
        Legal and regulatory issues of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
        Industry White Papers on Artificial Intelligence
        Industry White Papers on Intelligent Systems
        Industry White Papers on Internet of Things
        Industry White Papers on virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
        Privacy concerns of Artificial Intelligence
        Privacy concerns of Intelligent Systems
        Privacy concerns of Internet of Things
        Privacy concerns of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality
    Intelligent Systems and Artificial Intelligence:
        Artificial Intelligence (AI)
        Artificial intelligence in education
        Artificial intelligence in games
        Artificial intelligence in IoT
        Artificial intelligence in Transportation
        Intelligent virtual reality based learning systems
        Smart Roads and Transportation Systems
        Smart Technologies
        Supervision of Autonomous Systems
    Internet of Things (IoT):
        Haptic Feedback
        Haptic Game Interfaces
        Haptic Human Computer Interaction
        Haptic Sensors and Actuators
        Mid-Air Haptic Feedback
        Multi Point Haptic Feedback
        Tactile Internet;
    Extended Reality (XR: AR/VR/MR):
        3D modeling
        3D Scanning
        Artificial Life
        Haptic Feedback
        Immersive virtual reality
        Learning in XR environments
        Medical XR
        Serious XR Games
        Spatial and Visual Effects
        Virtual Humans
        Virtual and Augmented Tours
        Virtualized, Augmented, and Mixed Reality
        XR system Usability
        XR Games
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