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Journal of Process Control
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This international journal covers the application of control theory, operations research, computer science and engineering principles to the solution of process control problems. In addition to the traditional chemical processing and manufacturing applications, the scope of process control problems involves a wide range of applications that includes energy processes, nano-technology, systems biology, bio-medical engineering, pharmaceutical processing technology, energy storage and conversion, smart grid, and data analytics among others.

Papers on the theory in these areas will also be accepted provided the theoretical contribution is aimed at the application and the development of process control techniques.

Topics covered include:

• Control applications • Process monitoring • Plant-wide control • Process control systems • Control techniques and algorithms • Process modelling and simulation • Design methods

Advanced design methods exclude well established and widely studied traditional design techniques such as PID tuning and its many variants. Applications in fields such as control of automotive engines, machinery and robotics are not deemed suitable unless a clear motivation for the relevance to process control is provided. 
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