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RMLSP 2023: International Conference on Robotics, Machine Learning and Signal Processing
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2023-06-10 Extended
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Shanghai, China
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Call For Papers
2023 International Conference on Robotics, Machine Learning and Signal Processing (RMLSP 2023) -EI Compendex
Location: Shanghai, China
Dates: June 23-25, 2023
Conference Format: Online and In-person

2023 International Conference on Robotics, Machine Learning and Signal Processing (RMLSP 2023) will be held during June 23-25, 2023 in Shanghai, China. RMLSP is an annual conference which explores the development and implications in the related fields of Robotics, Machine Learning and Signal Processing an objective to present the novel and fundamental advancements. It also serves to foster communication among researchers and practitioners working in a wide variety of scientific areas with a common interest in improving Robotics, Machine Learning and Signal Processing. Featured with invited speeches and paper presentations, RMLSP 2023 sincerely welcome interested researchers and professors to understand the frontier research trends and share latest research results, summarize current work and inspire scientific research ideas, broaden horizons and cultivate scientific research interest.

Modeling and identification 
Robot control 
Mobile robotics 
Mobile sensor networks
Time-frequency analysis
Nonlinear signal processing
Nonstationary signal processing
Adaptive signal processing
Mixed Signal Processing
Multidimensional Signal Processing
Radar Signal and Data Processing
Soft Computing Techniques 
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Paper Publication:
All registered and presented papers will be included in conference proceeding, published by CPS, indexed by IEEE Xplore, EI Compendex, Scopus, ISI Thomson's Scientific and Technical Proceedings and so on.

RMLSP 2023 Speakers:
Prof. Ljiljana Trajkovic, Life Fellow IEEE, The University of Sydney, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Prof. Maria Pia Fanti, Fellow IEEE, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

Prof. Jianguo Ma, Fellow IEEE, Guangdong University of Technology, China

Prof. Frank Zhigang Wang, IEEE Computer Society, UKaI Chapter, University of Kent, UK

Prof. Seifedine Kadry, Fellow of IET, Fellow of IETE, Noroff University, Norway

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You are also welcome to join us as:
As Presenter: If you want to share you latest research results by giving presentation without publish papers, please submit your abstract (300-400 words)
As Listener: You are also warmly welcomed to take part in RMLSP 2023 as a listener even though you have no paper to submit.
As Reviewer: To ensure the fairness and guarantee the quality of RMLSP 2023, we cordially invite experts and scholars join us as a reviewer.

Contact us:
Conference Secretary: Ms. Caroline Li
Tel: +852 56144331

2023年机器人,机器学习与信号处理国际会议(RMLSP 2023) - EI核心
2023 International Conference on Robotics, Machine Learning and Signal Processing (RMLSP 2023)
时间: 2023年6月23日- 25日 

●	会议简介
2023年机器人,机器学习与信号处理国际会议(RMLSP 2023)  将于2023年6月23日- 25日在中国上海举行。RMLSP是一个探讨机器人、机器学习和信号处理相关领域的发展和影响的年度会议,目的是介绍新的和基本的进展情况。它还有助于促进在各种科学领域工作的研究人员和从业人员之间的交流,他们对改善机器人、机器学习和信号处理有着共同的兴趣。RMLSP 2023以特邀演讲和论文展示为特色,真诚欢迎感兴趣的研究人员和教授了解前沿研究趋势,分享最新研究成果,总结当前工作,启发科研思路,拓宽视野,培养科研兴趣。

●	论文出版和检索
被录用的文章将被收录在会议论文集,由CPS出版,并被IEEE Xplore, EI Compendex, Scopus, ISI Thomson's Scientific and Technical Proceedings和其他重要数据库收录等。

●	征文主题 
(主题包括但不限于这些,更多详细主题请见官网: )
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● 演讲专家
Prof. Ljiljana Trajkovic (Life Fellow IEEE), 西蒙弗雷泽大学,加拿大

Prof. Maria Pia Fanti (Fellow IEEE), 巴里理工大学,意大利

Prof. Jianguo Ma (Fellow IEEE), 广东工业大学,中国

Prof. Frank Zhigang Wang (IEEE Computer Society, UKaI Chapter), 肯特大学,英国

Prof. Seifedine Kadry (Fellow of IET, Fellow of IETE), 诺罗夫大学,挪威

● 提交论文
1. CMT线上投稿系统: (推荐)
2. 直接将您的文章或摘要投到我们的会议邮箱,我们收到后会第一时间回复您。
3.审稿流程:作者投稿 - 稿件收到确认(1个工作日)- 初审(1-3工作日) - 复审(5-10工作日)- 告知结果(接受/拒稿),越早投稿越早收到文章结果。

● 投稿说明
1. 本会议官方语言为英语,投稿者务必用英语撰写论文。
2. 稿件应为原创作品,未在国内外刊物上发表过, 不接受一稿多投。 作者可通过Crosscheck, Turnitin或其他查询系统查重,否则由文章重复率引起的被拒搞将由作者自行承担责任。涉嫌抄袭的论文将不被出版,且公布在会议主页。
3. 请根据格式模板文件编辑您的文章( )
4. 文章至少5页,不超过12页。学生作者或多篇投稿有优惠。
5. 只做报告不发表论文的作者只需提交摘要。

●	联系方式
电话咨询:15001035132 (微信同号)
QQ咨询:1455341287(您将在第一时间得到回复,添加时请备注“RMLSP 2023”)
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