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ICAISE' 2022: International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Environments
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Errachidia, Morocco
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Call For Papers
Original unpublished manuscripts, and not currently under review in another journal or conference, are solicited in relevant areas including, but not limited to, the following topics:

- Artificial Intelligence:

    Artificial intelligence for biomedicine
    Artificial intelligence for microscopy
    Artificial intelligence for photonics
    Artificial intelligence for optical trapping
    Artificial intelligence for soft and active matter
    Neuromorphic computing
    Optical neural networks
    Autonomous robots
    Biological models for artificial intelligence
    Machine learning to study the brain
    Artificial Intelligence for brain connectivity
    Machine-brain interfaces
    Limitations of artificial intelligence

 - Fundamentals in Intelligent Systems and Applications:

    Intelligence by design
    Intelligent distributed systems
    Context-aware intelligent systems
    Symbolic intelligence
    Neuromorphic systems
    Collective intelligence
    Ambient Intelligence
    Cooperative intelligent applications
    Formal ontology and semantics
    Persuasive intelligence
    Bio-inspired intelligence
    Cognitive systems and applications
    Real-time intelligence
    Hybrid artificial intelligent systems
    Heuristic search
    Automated planning
    Adaptive problem solving

- Intelligent Information Processing:

    Intelligent signal processing
    Intelligent data analysis
    Web intelligence
    IoT architecture for intelligent environments
    Intelligent web search engines
    Intelligent natural language systems and applications
    Intelligent information extraction
    Intelligent perception and intelligent machines
    Intelligent agents
    Augmented reality systems
    Spiking neural networks and systems
    Patterns in intelligent applications
    Stability in intelligent systems
    Ethical evaluation of intelligent systems

- Intelligent Communication Networks:

    Cognitive intelligence in vehicular networks
    Guidance systems
    Intelligent health systems
    Indoor special-awareness
    Intelligent systems for software computing
    Sensor-based intelligent systems
    Intelligent systems for wireless applications
    Intelligent transport systems
    Intelligent applications for disaster management
    Intelligence in medical decision applications
    Intelligent forecasting applications
    Intelligent human-computer interaction systems
    Intelligent multimedia
    Intelligent recommenders
    Intelligent security systems and applications
    Intelligent robotics
    Intelligent embedded systems
    RFID and BLE technologies in intelligent systems
    Intelligent sensors and sensing applications
    Mobility intelligence and semantic applications
    Case studies and trials of intelligent solutions

- Internet of Things:

    IoT Edge and Cloud Architectures
    AI for IoT
    Web of Things
    IoT Communication Technologies
    Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in IoT
    Sensing, Signal Processing, Actuation and Analytics
    Security and Privacy in IoT
    Human Interaction with IoT
    Self-adaptation for IoT Systems
    (Software) Interoperability in IoT
    Large-scale Data Processing
    Robotic IoT Systems
    Distributed Ledger Technologies for IoT
    Real-world Applications, Deployments, and Testbeds
    Blockchain in the IoT

 - Smart, Sustainable Cities and Climate Change Management

- Smart Environments and Applications

    Smart Transportation, Connected Car and Automotive
    Emergency vehicle notification systems
    Automatic road enforcement
    Smart Traffic Light
    Smart Collision Avoidance
    IoT for Healthcare, e-Health,and Assisted Living
    Smart Cities
    Smart Home, Building Management and Operation Automation
    Smart Grid and Energy Management

- Big Data and Data Science

    Big Data Ecosystem
    Big Data theories and algorithms
    Big Data visualization
    Big Data mining
    Performance characterization, evaluation and optimization
    Sensor network, social network and big data
    Application of big data analytics
    Big Data in Business Processes
    Social big data analytics
    Data stream management and analytics
    Management of heterogeneous data

- Data Visualization

- Cryptography and Blockchain

    Authentication and authorization
    Biometric security
    Database security
    Cyber security
    Security & Privacy
    Distributed systems security
    Grid security
    Information hiding and watermarking
    Intrusion detection
    Network security
    Security for mobile computing
    Trusted computing
    Data and Network Security
    Cryptographic Applications for Networks
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