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DIKW 2022: IEEE International Conference on Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom
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2022-09-20 Extended
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Chengdu, China
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Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom, in short (DIKW), have been used widely as marking terms in various domains for expressing and exchanging semantic or conceptual subjective or objective understandings. However, there are still no unified understandings over the meaning of the DIKW concepts. Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom as a whole concept of DIKW is also missing unified understandings of the relationships among them. Therefore, there have been proposals and models of DIKW as “layered hierarchy”, “architecture”, “framework”, “network”, “thinking mode”, “pattern”, “style”, “theory”, “methodology”, “model”, “graph”, etc.

2022 International Conference on Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom (DIKW 2022) will be held on 18th-20th December 2022 at Chengdu, China, which is co-organized by Sichuan Association for Science and Technology and the DIKW research group of Sichuan University, aims to bring together scientists, researchers, and industrial engineers to exchange experimental and theoretical Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom modeling and processing results, novel designs, explainable AI, AI governance, work-in-progress and case studies on theories, design mechanisms and extensions on DIKW transformations and interactions in all areas, in all phases, empirical or theoretical solutions. We hope you will join us for the great gathering and look forwards to seeing you in the beautiful city Chengdu!

Scope and Topics:

This conference will focus on (but not limited to) the following topics:

    Theories, Algorithms and Platforms for Data Analytics and Information Retrieving
    Data Provenance, Cleaning, Curation and Governance Services
    Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom Sharing, Integration and Migration
    Real-time Data Modeling and Information Provision Services and Applications
    Data-driven Intelligent Decision-making and Innovative Applications
    Goal or Purpose Models, Techniques and Tools for Smart Computing
    Data Models, Information Semantics, Query languages
    Data Stream Systems and Sensor Networks
    Data Visualization and Interactive Data Exploration
    Hybrid AI Privacy, Security, Trust, and Responsibility Provision
    Data-Knowledge Mixed Processing Systems and Service Architecture
    Domain Knowledge Modeling and Ontology-Building
    Data, Information and Knowledge Transformation Load balance
    DIKW content Storage and Retrieval and Interface Technology
    Software Tools for Data-Information-Knowledge Quality Modeling and Testing
    Computational Intelligence for Data, Information and Knowledge Hybrid Systems
    Multimedia and Cross-modals "Databases" Processing
    Development and Management of Heterogeneous Knowledge Bases
    Knowledge Extraction, Discovery, Analysis and Representation
    Application of Knowledge Representation Techniques to Semantic Modeling
    Optimization Techniques of DIKW applications
    Theories of DIKW Models and Performance Evaluation Approach
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