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Metaverse 2023: IEEE International Conference on Metaverse
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Portsmouth, UK
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Metaverse, as an extension of the Internet of People and an emerging concept in 2023, is going to bridge the real world to virtual world via information technology. By exploiting digitization and virtualization technologies, metaverse will act as a digital living space within brightly new social systems. This digital living space calls for the integration of many technologies, such as VR/AR/MR, 5G/6G communications, AI, and blockchain. It also brings multiple edging topics to meet people’s needs beyond the present technologies.

The 2023 IEEE International Conference on Metaverse (Metaverse’23) originates from the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Metaverse (Metaverse’22) & the 5th IEEE International Conference on Smart City (SCI’21). With the network communication, security, and computing technologies, Metaverse 2023 will be a primal international forum for scientists, engineers, and researchers to exchange their novel research regarding advancements in the state-of-art of metaverse, as well as to identify the emerging research topics and open issues for further research.

The 2023 IEEE International Conference on Metaverse (Metaverse 2023) will include a highly selective program of technical papers, accompanied by workshops, demos, panel discussions, and keynote speeches. We welcome high-quality papers that describe original and unpublished research advancing the state of the art in ubiquitous intelligence and computing. Topics for submissions include but are not limited to the following:


Track 1: Computing and Communication Paradigms for Metaverse

    New platforms and hardware designs for sensing and learning
    Mobile and pervasive systems 
    Implanted and wearable computing
    Network and system architectures
    Design and deployment experiences
    Sensor data storage, retrieval, and processing
    Security and privacy for mobile/wireless systems
    Security of NFT
    Human-centered computing
    Operating systems for Metaverse
    Distributed systems for Metaverse
    Resource-efficient machine learning for mobile devices
    Holographic technology
    Next generation information and communication technology (5G/6G/F5G/F6G)

Track 2: Intelligent Sensing and Interaction for Metaverse

    Wireless sensing with radio, light, sound, and acoustics
    Multi-modal sensing and fusion
    Wireless localization, tracking and activity sensing
    AI-enabled sensing and cognition
    Learning algorithms for perception, understanding, and adaptation
    VR/AR/MR technologies
    Wearable sensing for healthcare
    Novel human-mobile interactions and experiences
    AI Rendering
    Somatosensory interaction
    Digital human shaping technology

Track 3: Theory, Modeling and Methodologies for Metaverse

    Smart city networking, services and infrastructures and reliability
    Smart environment modeling, monitoring, prediction and analysis
    Smart city frameworks, platforms
    Smart city big data, open data, urban computing and visualization
    Smart utilities, consumption, sensing and IoT
    Smart communities and neighborhoods
    Modeling security, safety and privacy for smart city
    Designs and evaluations of smart products, services or systems in smart city
    Interaction techniques, Devices and Modalities for smart city
    Collaborative technologies beyond individuals in smart city
    Data management for metaverse 

Track 4: Applications and Industry Practice for Metaverse

    Smart transportation system planning, evaluation, and technologies
    Smart healthcare service monitoring
    Smart city and urban computing
    Smart meeting/conference systems
    Smart education in metaverse
    Smart home/office, smart building and social community networks/infrastructures
    Smart museum in metaverse
    Smart industry/company in metaverse
    Games in metaverse
    AI &Art in metaverse
    AI creations/mates in metaverse
    Metaverse virtual economy
    Digital content creation tools
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