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GoodIT 2023: ACM International Conference on Information Technology for Social Good
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2023-06-01 Extended
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Fecha de Conferencia:
Lisbon, Portugal
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Solicitud de Artículos

The ACM GoodIT conference seeks papers describing significant research contributions related to the application of information technologies (IT) to social good. The latter is defined as something that provides a benefit to the general public, such as clean air, clean water, internet access, education, or healthcare. However, new media innovations and the proliferation of online communities have added new meaning to the term. Social good can now reflect global citizens uniting to unlock the potential of individuals, technology, and collaboration towards a positive societal impact.


ACM GoodIT looks for research work that addresses important research challenges related to, but not limited to:

    Citizen science
    Civic intelligence
    Decentralized approaches to IT
    Digital solutions for Cultural Heritage
    Environmental monitoring
    Ethical computing
    Frugal solutions for IT
    Game, entertainment, and multimedia applications
    Health and social care
    IT for automotive
    IT for development
    IT for education
    IT for smart living
    Privacy, trust and ethical issues in ICT solutions
    Smart governance and e-administration
    Social informatics
    Socially responsible IT solutions
    Sustainable cities and transportation
    Sustainable IT
    Technology addressing the digital divide
    Technology addressing gender issues and fairness
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