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CCIIS 2021: International Conference on Cloud Computer, IoT and Intelligence System
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2021-03-19 Extended
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Beijing, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
2021 International Conference on Cloud Computer, IoT and Intelligence System (CCIIS2021) will be held on April 11-12, 2021 in Beijing, China for experienced and practical researchers from academia and industry working in the related fields to share and discuss the most advanced researches and future academic directions. We’re calling for papers now not limited in these topics below:

Session 1: Cloud Computing
Cloud Application, Infrastructure and Platforms
Design Tool for Cloud Computing
Service-Oriented Architecture in Cloud Computing
Cloud Based, Parallel Processing
Virtualization on Platforms in the Cloud
Mobile Clouds for New Millennium, Mobile Devices
Social Clouds (Social Networks in the Cloud)
Maintenance and Management of Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Architecture
Cloud Applications in Vertical Industries
Cloud Storage and File Systems
Networks within Cloud systems, the Storage Area, and to the Outside Virtualization in the Context of Cloud ComputingPlatforms
Security Techniques for the Cloud
Data storage and Management in Cloud Computing
Case Studies and Theories in Cloud Computing
The Open Cloud: Cloud Computing and Open Source

Session 2: Internet of Things (IoT)
Security and Privacy for IoT
Electronics and Signal processing for IoT
Connectivity and Networking for IoT
IoT Sensing, monitoring, networking and routing
Control and decision making for IoT
Smart cities, intelligent transportation and internet of vehicles
Social networks, multimedia and mobile computing
Blockchain and Emerging research or Technologies
Industrial 4.0 and Industrial IoT
IoT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Big data analysis, Edge computing/Fog computing
Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios

Session 3: Intelligence Systems
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Neural Computation
Human Computer Interaction
Computational Intelligence
Pattern Recognition
Intelligent Data Analysis
Intelligent Data Mining
Intelligent Fault Diagnosis
Intelligent Networks
Intelligent Security Systems
Intelligent Signal Processing
Swarm Intelligence
Ambient Intelligence
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