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ICSCSE 2019: International Conference on Smart City and Systems Engineering
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Hangzhou, China
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Topics including but not limited to:

A、System Engineering

System architecture and design 	
System analysis and evaluation
System operation 	
Complex socio-technical systems
System modeling 	
System management
System simulation 	
System integration

B、Smart City

he Internet of things technology 	
Sensor network technology
Smart of public service 	
The Smart of social management
Smart housing service 	
Smart education culture service
Smart service application 	
Smart in building the health security system
Smart city construction of integrated management platform 	
The smart security prevention and control
Intelligent home 	
Intelligent food and drug administration
Intelligent ticket management 	
Smart energy
Intelligent logistics, information flow 	
Digital city 	
Digital country
Smart power grids 	
Smart of the financial
Smart industrial 	
Smart emergency
Smart city management 	
The Smart of water conservancy
Smart park 	
Smart green
Intelligent security 	
Smart of tourism

C、Intelligence Transportation and Logistics

Intelligence transportation systems 	
Transport Planning and Management
International Logistics and Regional logistics 	
Vehicle Engineering
Supply Chain Management and Modeling 	
Advanced vehicle safety systems
Logistics Planning and Policy 	

D、 Big Data Technology and Applications

Big Data Foundations, Algorithms, Methodology for Big Data 	
Infrastructure and Platform for Big Data
Stream and real-time processing of Big Data 	
Information quality within Big Data
Storage and Querying for Big Data 	
Threat detection in Big Data
Big Data applications and Service 	
Industrial Tools for Big data

E、Automatipn of Smart City Counstruction

Computer-aided design product modeling, decision support systems classification and standardization, product data interchange 	
Computer-aided engineering, process simulation models 	
Robotics, metrology automated inspection、demolition/remediation 	
Facilities management, management information systems, intelligent control systems
Computer Simulation and Analysis
Fuzzy Control and Applications 	
Digital System and Logic Design
Software Intensive Automation Systems 	
Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Control and Optimization 	
Numerical calculation

F、Smart city infrasturcture engineering

rban road engineering 	
City bridge engineering
Urban rail engineering 	
City water supply and drainage engineering
Urban pipeline engineering 	
Urban garbage disposal engineering
Urban landscape engineering 	
Urban greening engineering
Urban air regulation engineering 	
Urban environmental engineering
Structural Engineering 	
Geotechnical Engineering
Building Material Engineering 	
Cartography and Geographic Information System
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