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FNWF 2023: IEEE Future Networks World Forum
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Baltimore, Maryland, USA
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Call For Papers
Track 1: Technologies for 5G and Future Networks 

o    5G and Beyond Wireless Technologies
o    6G Technologies
o    Flexible and Programmable RAN
o    Cloud-RAN, Functional Split
o    5G and Beyond Ultra Large Cell Technologies
o    5G and Beyond Small Cell Technologies
o    Network Slicing
o    Multi-service Architectures
o    Cloud-based 5G and Beyond Mobile Architectures
o    5G and Beyond Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
o    Software Defined Networking (SDN) for 5G and beyond
o    Spectrum Utilization and Sharing
o    Massive MIMO Communications
o    Dynamic Beamforming Techniques
o    Free Space Optical
o    Multicast/Broadcast in 5G and Beyond
o    Convergence of RAN and Core Network
o    Novel Mobility Management
o    Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)
o    Multi-Connectivity/RAT
o    Resource (network, relay, cloud-computing, etc.) Management Techniques in 5G and Beyond
o    Device-to-Device Communications and Networking
o    Cognitive Spectrum Access
o    X-haul Transport Network
o    Self-backhaul/Integrated Access Networks
o    Energy-efficient Network Design and Protocols for 5G and Beyond
o    QoE/QoS Management over 5G and Beyond
o    Dynamic QoS Framework as an Enabler for Disruptive Use Cases and Services
o    Network and Protocol Interoperability in 5G and beyond Wireless Networks
o    Heterogeneous Cells and Communications
o    Millimeter-wave Communications
o    Coordinated and Small-scale Cell Communications
o    Machine Learning and Adaptive Techniques for 5G and beyond
o    Ultra-reliability and Low-latency in 5G and Beyond
o    5G and Beyond and AI
o    LEO and Satellite Technologies

Track 2: 5G and Future Network Applications and Services

o    Smart Cities, Smart Public Places
o    Smart Home, and 5G and beyond -based Building Automation
o    Smart Agriculture and Water Managemen
o    Cyber-physical systems, Context Awareness, Situation Awareness, Ambient Intelligence
o    Collaborative Applications and Systems
o    Service Experiences and Analysis
o    Cloud Services with 5G & Future Networks
o    Next Generation Consumer Electronics with 5G & Future Networks
o    Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, Rural Services and Production
o    5G and beyond Wireless Networks for Body Sensors
o    Crowd-sensing, Human-centric Sensing
o    Big data and 5G and beyond Data Analytics
o    Internet Applications Naming and Identifiers
o    Social-aware 5G and beyond Networks
o    Industry of the Future, e.g., Industry 4.0
o    Semantic Technologies, Collective Intelligence
o    Cognitive and Reasoning about Things and Smart Objects
o    Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) and 5G and Beyond
o    Horizontal Application Development for 5G and Beyond
o    Design Principles and Best Practices for 5G and Beyond Application Development
o    Open Communities, Open API, and Open Source
o    Testbeds/Federated Testbed
o    Testbed-as-a-Service for Future Networks

Vertical Oriented Applications
o    Healthcare, e-Health, and Assisted Living
o    Building Management and Operation Automation
o    Environmental Monitoring
o    Connected Car, Automotive

Intelligent Transport
o    Aerospace and Defense
o    Smart Grid, Energy Management
o    Utilities Management and Operation
o    Consumer Electronics, Assisted Living, and Rural Services
o    Mining, Oil & Gas, Digital Oilfield, and Electronic Oilfield
o    Agriculture, Industrial IoT, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Retailing
o    Additive Manufacturing
o    Logistics, Entertainment
o    Large Event Management
o    Industrial Service Creation and Management
o    Financial Services
o    Health of Machinery
o    Highway, Rail Systems
o    Industry of the Future, e.g., Industry 4.0
o    Media & Entertainment
o    Digital Twins of Complex systems with 5G & Future Networks

Track 3: 5G and Future Network Trials, Experimental Results, Deployment Scenarios, Hardware and Tests/Measurements

5G Experimental Scenarios
o    Closing the Gap between Research and Implementation
o    Experimental prototypes, Test-Bed and Field Trial Experiences
o    Multi-Objective 5G System Modelling and Analysis—Performance, Energy, Reliability, Robustness
o    5G Interconnections Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference
o    Real Case Deployment Scenarios and Results
o    5G Deployment at Government and ISPs
o    5G Deployment on Agriculture, retails, smart cities, etc
o    5G Interconnections Among ISPs Analysis—QoS, Scalability, Performance, Interference Management

o    Gap Analysis for Real Deployments
o    5G and Future Internet Architectures
o    Standardization and Regulation

Future Networks Experimental Scenarios
o    Infrastrructureless Communication
o    AI driven encoding & Decoding
o    Future Network Simulators

5G and Future Network Hardware and Test/Measurements
o    Massive MIMO, MU-MIMO, Multi-RAT System Architectures
o    Reconfigurable and Switching Wireless Network Topologies
o    RF Beamforming, Digital Beamforming and Hybrid Beamforming Architectures
o    Beam Steering and Phased Arrays
o    Antenna System Architectures
o    5G and beyond Radio Designs
o    RFIC and CMOS Technologies and Architectures for 5G and beyond
o    RF, PA, PLL, Source, Phase shifting, ADC/DAC/Modem Blocks Full-Duplex and STAR Architectures and Evaluation Methods
o    RF Blockers and Interference Cancelers
o    Test and Measurement over Entire 5G and beyond Ecosystem.
o    Multi-standard Coverage and Measurement Approaches
o    Antennas and Massive MIMO OTA Tests
o    Array Timing and Synchronization
o    Channel Measurements and Modeling
o    Radio Measurements at Microwave and Millimeter-wave  Bands
o    Signal Characterization
o    5G and Beyond Device/Component Level Testing;
o    mmWave Material, Transistor and Nonlinear Device Measurements
o    Terahertz for Future Networks (6G)

Track 4: 5G and Future Network Special Verticals

o    Tactile Internet
o    Smart Factories and Industry 4.0
o    Automotive, Intelligent Transport
o    5G and Beyond & Autonomous Driving
o    Industrial 5G and beyond Service Creation and Management Aspects
o    Smart Grid, Energy Management
o    5G-based Supply Chains & Logistics
o    5G and Beyond Wireless Networks for the Industrial Internet of Things
o    E-Health and Mobile Health over 5G and Beyond Networks

Track 5: 5G and Future Network Special Topicals

Policy & Regulation
o    Policy and Regulations
o    5G and beyond Spectrum
o    Best Practices, Standards, and Open Source
o    Technical Enforcement of Legal 5G Regulations, Service Level Agreements, Mutual Legal Assistance Requests, etc.
o    Privacy and Security in 5G and beyond Internet of Things: Data Sharing, Threats, Liability, Audit and Compliance Concerns for Cloud-supported 5G and beyond, Fog and Edge computing

5G Standardization
o    ITU-T IMT2020 Spectrum Standardization
o    IEEE 5G and Future Network Standardization
o    3GPP 5G and Future Network Standardization
o    ITU-T 5G and Future Network Standardization
o    ETSI 5G and Future Network Standardization
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