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ICAR'' 2017: International Conference on Availability and Reliability
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2017-11-20 Extended
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Fecha de Conferencia:
Nanjing, China
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Solicitud de Artículos
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

    Secure Enterprise Architectures
    (Process based) Security Models / Methods
    Risk planning, analysis & awareness
    Availability and Reliability
    Reliability Models
    Failure Prevention
    Dependability Assessment
    Standards, Guidelines and Certification
    Common Criteria Protocol
    Security in Distributed Systems / Distributed Databases
    Dependability in Open Source Software
    Authorization and Authentication
    Dependability Requirement Engineering
    Network Security
    Software Security
    Cryptographic protocols
    Intrusion Detection and Fraud Detection
    Privacy-enhancing technologies
    Security and privacy issues for sensor networks, wireless/mobile devices and applications
    Security and Trust Management in P2P and Grid applications
    Survivability of Computing Systems
    Interoperability aspects Security as Quality of Service.
    Information Flow Control
    Dependability Modelling and Prediction
    Tools for Dependable System Design and Evaluation
    Temporal Aspects of Dependability
    Dependability administration
    Dependability Measurement and Analysis
    Dependability Benchmarking
    Trust Models and Trust Management
    Fault/Bug Tolerant Aspects
    Internet Dependability
    E-Commerce Dependability
    Safety Critical Systems
    Software Engineering of Dependable Systems
    Dependability Aspects of Mobile Government (m-Government)
    Dependability Aspects of Electronic Government (e-Government)
    Effectivity of Biometrics
    Security in Electronic Voting
    Security Issues for Ubiquitous Systems
    Availability of Pervasive Computing Systems
    Dependability Aspects for Special Applications (e.g ERP-Systems, Logistics)
    Designing Business Models with security requirements
    Security for Biometrics Applications
    Security in Electronic Payments
    Incident Response and Prevention
    Mobile Resources/Services
    Mobile Security
    VOIP/Wireless Security
    Web Security
    RFID Security and Privacy
    User Interfaces and Dependability
    Legal issues
    IPR of Security Technology
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