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International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP)
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As information technology and the Internet become more and more ubiquitous and pervasive in our daily lives, there is an essential need for a more thorough understanding of information security and privacy issues and concerns. The International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP) creates and fosters a forum where research in the theory and practice of information security and privacy is advanced. IJISP publishes high quality papers dealing with a wide range of issues, ranging from technical, legal, regulatory, organizational, managerial, cultural, ethical and human aspects of information security and privacy, through a balanced mix of theoretical and empirical research articles, case studies, book reviews, tutorials, and editorials. This journal encourages submission of manuscripts that present research frameworks, methods, methodologies, theory development and validation, case studies, simulation results and analysis, technological architectures, infrastructure issues in design, and implementation and maintenance of secure and privacy preserving initiatives.

Topics Covered

    Agents and mobile communication systems
    Authentication and authorization of users, systems, and applications
    Businesses models and systems with security and privacy requirements and management
    Case studies in security and privacy
    Civil rights and liberties
    Computer worms and viruses
    Consumer and business practices and trends
    Cryptographic techniques and protocols
    Database issues in privacy protection
    Developing enterprise management of security and privacy policies and infrastructures
    Development of formal models and definitions
    Distributed marketplaces, auctions, and gaming
    Distributed, forward, and proactive policies and procedures
    Economic impact analysis
    Electronic commerce, banking, and payment protocols
    Encryption, authentication, and access control
    Enhancements for storage area networks
    E-services, e-voting, and e-government
    File and file system security and privacy
    Firewall technologies, policies, and trends
    Global issues
    Hacking and corruptions
    Hacking, cyber-terrorism, and intrusion detection
    Heterogeneous and large-scale environments
    Identity and privacy confidentiality
    Legal, regulatory, and compliance issues
    Malicious codes and attacks against networks
    Multiparty communications, co-operations, and computations
    Networks and security protocols
    Peer-to-Peer computing
    Preserving and enhancing technologies and initiatives
    Relationships and trade-offs between security and privacy
    Security and privacy techniques, management, and protocols
    Tools, techniques, methods, and frameworks
    Trends and new developments
    Trust architectures and underlying infrastructures
    World Wide Web authentication and authorization


The overall mission of the International Journal of Information Security and Privacy (IJISP) is to create and foster a forum where research in the theory and practice of information security and privacy is advanced. The journal strives to serve a diverse readership by publishing articles in a range of topics in information security and privacy that would appeal to a broad cross-sectional and multi disciplinary readership ranging from the academic and professional research communities to industry practitioners. The journal seeks to publish a balanced mix of high quality theoretical or empirical research articles, case studies, book reviews, tutorials, editorials as well as pedagogical and curricular issues surrounding information security and privacy. 
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Special Issues
Special Issue on Machine Learning Techniques for Information Security and Data Privacy
Submission Date: 2017-06-01

Current technology for information security and data privacy often does not mature completely because of regular changes in computer, network, and the general evolution of information and communication technology (ICT). Many improvements, from different perspectives, should be considered in the technology, so that the challenging nature of the requirements for the current and future computing environments can be accommodated. Untill now, efficient solutions for information security and data privacy, remains an elusive goal and a big challenge. Promising methodologies and technologies are required for the design and development of effective intelligent solutions. Machine Learning (ML) is a field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is concerned with constructing programs/systems that can improve their behavior with experience. Various machine learning techniques can be used for information security and data privacy to lead a secure information system to the extent possible. The focus of the special issue is on high quality research that addresses paradigms, development, applications and implications in the field of machine learning for addressing unique security issues introduced by new computing paradigms. Recommended Topics - Anomaly detection - Autonomous and adaptive security - Big data and digital forensics - Biometrics - Critical information and infrastructure security - Cryptography and cryptanalysis - Cloud forensics and security - Cyber physical system security - Dimensionality reduction - Frequent event patterns mining - Information assurance - Information security audits - Intrusion detection and prevention - Network security and defense - Malware analysis and detection - Misuse detection - Mobile networks and devices security - Security in Software Defined Networks (SDN) - Security in social networks - Outlier detection - Spam filtering - Ransomware analysis and detection - Rule mining and optimization - Recent trends, technologies and applications - Security risk analysis, modelling, evaluation and management - Trust and privacy - Video surveillance
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Special Issue on Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing
Submission Date: 2017-06-20

This special issue focuses on innovative methods, cryptographic techniques, tools and protocols for addressing security issues introduced by new computing paradigms. This shall provide a forum to present and discuss the latest trends in research area. Recommended Topics - Security architectures for cloud computing - Access control and identity mechanisms for cloud - Data protection in cloud computing - Security protocols for cloud computing - Privacy-preserving data mining for clouds - Cryptographic protocols against internal attacks in clouds - Privacy protection in cloud platforms - Mechanisms to enforce privacy and trust - Energy/cost/efficiency of security in clouds - Trust and privacy models for cloud services
Last updated by Dou Sun in 2017-01-14
Special Issue on Recent and Advanced Intrusion Detection Systems for Current and Modern Networks and Systems
Submission Date: 2017-06-30

Nowadays, the Internet is indispensable for our modern life, where the different social, military, economic and academic sector are connected to the Internet. This inter connection between so many different sectors make our life easier. In return, it exposes our data, services and systems to different forms of threats. To deal with these problems different prevention mechanisms are invented like cryptography, firewall, antivirus. Sadly, this first line of defense failed to ensure the current security requirements. The intrusion detection system (IDS) represents a second line of defense that is build in order to protect networks and systems against the various forms of treats and attacks. It represents a key tool when prevention mechanisms fail. An IDS could be defined as a tool that detects all suspicious events in the network or system and prevents the network administrator to take the cons measure. Actual, the prevention tools are becoming less and less effective, therefore IDS increasingly required to protect our network and system. This special issue aims to offer a collection of prestigious papers that treat the actual challenge of intrusion detection systems, where modern IDSs must be adapted to the current requirements of networks, systems and platforms. In addition, the form of attacks and threats are more and more sophisticated representing another challenge that must be addressed. The essential targets of this special issue are the intrusion detection in high-speed networks, wireless networks, sensor networks and vehicular ad-hoc networks. Moreover, intrusion detection that are deployed in cloud systems (ICS) and smart grids are in the heart of this SI interest.
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