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The Journal of Strategic Information Systems
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The Journal of Strategic Information Systems focuses on the management, business and organizational issues associated with the introduction and utilization of information systems as a strategic tool, and considers these issues in a global context. The emphasis is on the incorporation of IT into organizations' strategic thinking, strategy alignment and management of change issues. The journal publishes research and case study papers from around the world which:

• investigate the very nature of business in the context of emerging IT
• discuss the justification and evaluation of information systems
• discuss the organizational implications of IT
• consider how organizations have been transformed as a result of the astute management and application of IT

A transdisciplinary approach/perspective is welcome.

Topics covered include:
• organizational transformation on the back of information technology
• information systems/business strategy alignment
• inter-organizational systems
• global issues and cross-cultural issues
• the impact and significance of emerging information technologies (e.g. internet, intranets)
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Special Issues
Special Issue on Generating Business and Social Value from Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Submission Date: 2017-03-31

Digital entrepreneurship is a research area of great significance to the information systems field (Del Giudice & Straub 2011; Davidson & Vaast 2010; Yoo et al. 2010). The leanness by which digital ventures can be incepted and scaled through digital innovation is unprecedented (Huang et al. 2017). Startups and entrepreneurial action in both business and social innovation spaces are flexibly generated from increasingly available and enabling digital technologies. Such action crosses boundaries to create new ways to implement new business models, innovation networks, communities, and ecosystems; attract new and broad audiences; and generate new forms of business and social value. It also increases the speed by which opportunities are generated, lost, and regained. The flexibility and speed of digital entrepreneurship and innovation implies significant implications for business and social leadership, governance, and existing policy landscapes. There are at least two arenas for digital entrepreneurship and innovation. One is the area of new business and social ventures, where the availability of powerful digital tools and infrastructure leverages the birth, adoption, innovation, and scaling of entrepreneurial action. Another one is the intrapreneurial activity that takes place within already established organizations including incumbent corporations and communities (Del Giudice and Straub 2011), in which groups of individuals generate new path-breaking innovation trajectories fueled by the promises of digital technology (Henfridsson and Yoo 2014). This special issue invites papers that build and enhance our understanding of these phenomena. We welcome papers from a wide range of disciplines. The special issue is open to a wide variety of existing research methodologies but it also encourages innovation in research methodologies exploring digital entrepreneurship and digital innovation. Implications of findings for theory and practice are essential and we encourage submissions that generate new theory, or extend existing theories. There is a broad range of exciting questions that digital entrepreneurship and innovation evoke. Questions addressed by papers suitable for the special issue could include the following but by no means are limited to: - How can our theories better account for digital entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial action, and entrepreneurs? - How can artifact design in entrepreneurial processes inform new theories? - How can our research methods be developed to enable better understanding of digital entrepreneurship and innovation? - What is the critical institutional logics shaping digital entrepreneurship and innovation in organizations and societies? What are the implications for our theories of organizations? Of institutions? - What is the role of frugal innovation in digital entrepreneurship? - What are the innovation strategies and digital technologies advancing new forms of entrepreneurship? - What new digital methods, tools, and technologies are emerging for sensing business and social opportunities? - How is big data playing a role in digital entrepreneurship? - How is digital entrepreneurship interacting with and emerging various social network structures to create value? - What is the role of culture in digital entrepreneurship? - How are entrepreneurial activities building platforms, ecosystems, and other complex organizational forms? - How are incumbent firms leveraging digital entrepreneurship through digital innovation? - How is digital entrepreneurship shaping legal and policy frontiers? - How is creativity and play embodied in daily life of digital entrepreneurship? - How do new forms of entrepreneurship create value beyond monetization - How do entrepreneurs leverage digital platforms to achieve superior performance? - What is the role of platforms in facilitating or constraining digital entrepreneurship? - How should artifacts built in digital entrepreneurship settings be evaluated?
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